how to design a system

I have a vacant 3unit building that I am trying to secure. Can anybody give me some information on what I might need to secure this building thanks


Are you interested in a solution for the building as a whole, or in securing each unit individually? Want the system to be used by tenants?

securing the unit as a whole until I can get tenants in them

This is what I was thinking

2GIG PIR Motion Detector (2GIG-PIR1-345) × 4 $206.60
DIY Basic Interactive × 1Central Station Monitoring:Add Central Station MonitoringCloud Video:No Cloud Video $42.90
2GIG Go!Control Touch Screen Wireless Control Panel (2GIG-CNTRL2-345) × 1Cellular Module:3G Verizon Cellular Module (CDMA) $268.50
2GIG Thin Door/Window Contact (2GIG-DW10-345) × 2 $44.90
Security Alarm Yard Sign × 1 $3.95
Security Alarm Window Stickers 4-Pack × 1

If it’s vacant then I would stick with motion detectors for the interior and a door contact on 1 door to start the entry delay when you want to disarm it. You don’t really need a second door contact unless it’s covering a door that isn’t being covered by a motion detector.

Put the control panel in the center unit to try to minimize the maximum distance between control panels and any sensor. Hope that you don’t have metal in the walls between the units or you might run into wireless signal problems between the units.

You might consider getting a desktop backstand instead of wall mounting the control panel if it’s intended to be temporary.

Also, depending on how long you think it might be vacant, it might be cheaper to get Gold Interactive since the activation fee is waived on Gold Interactive.