How to convert from Networks NX8?

I just bought a house with Interlogix Networks NX8 installed with a bunch of wired door sensors and motion sensors.

Want to convert into the some systems which could connect to, also want to connect more wireless devices.

What kind of systems could I choose? I just do not want to waste already installed sensors.

Thank you.

NX8 is (in most cases) compatible with You would need to get a NX-400-US-VZ or NX-400-US-AT module. These cellular modules state:

Compatible with NetworX 4,6, 8 and 8E. (Note: certain older V1 NX4, 6 and 8 may not be fully supported).

Are your sensors wired or wireless? If they are wireless and you don’t want to use the NX panel then you may be able to use those sensors with a Qolsys panel instead if you want. Qolsys has a much brighter future with than NX in my opinion.