How to control T2000 Thermostat with site?

Good morning. I have an account and dashboard, I can control all of my zwave door locks. I have two T2000 thermostats that have been paired with my panel. But I can’t figure out how to control the thermostats with the website or the app. Please let me know what I need to do to add this functionability. Thanks!

It looks like you may have service through a different alarm service provider (not Surety) is that correct?

There might be a couple reasons why you do not see the devices listed.

  1. Your dealer can enable and disable lights, thermostats, and locks independent of each other in the ADC service features. Be sure to contact your provider for info on whether it is enabled for you.

  2. If you have recently added them, your provider may need to run a Z-wave device equipment update request. This will force the panel to report the new devices to

Thank you, I will contact my dealer and let him know.