How Do I Switch to suretyDIY

I currently have system from another company and their monitoring. My contract runs out very soon. What is necessary to do, to have the monitoring transferred to you? I can actually access the status of my system on both their website or websites.

Glad to hear you thought of us when looking to switch!

In order to determine exactly what will be required when switching we’ll need a little bit more information.

What type of panel do you currently have?

In many cases, companies lock their cell modules so you are unable to use them outside of that companies system. You can check the module’s serial number here to determine if its unlocked and usable outside of that company.

What type of sensors and/or home automation needs do you have? We offer two packages which can be found here. Keep in mind if you have zwave automation devices you will need the Gold Interactive Package.

The guide on how to switch, located here, should be more than enough to get you started if you are using 2GIG’s Go!Control Panel!