How do I manage z-wave devices from ADC?

How do I manage zwave devices from portal? I don’t see options for automation.

What zwave devices do you want to work with, and what do you want to accomplish with the devices? Have you explored the “emPower” tab yet? It is third from the left when you log in via the “My Alarm” button on the upper left corner of this site.

Hello Amanda -

I think I was too inpatient to wait for to update my devices, I was able to see them fine after waiting about 20 minutes or so.

I was testing with on/off but it’s not working, anything special I have to do on either the panel or

Thank you.

There’s nothing special you have to do. Once your z-wave devices are added to your control panel and showing up on, you should be able to turn them on and off via Are you able to turn them on and off from the 2GIG control panel? On your 2GIG panel go to Services -> Z-Wave -> Lights and try to control them. Does that work?