How do I achieve proper verification?

My local police department requires verification for alarms before they will come out. How can I achieve that?

Great question! comes with a wide variety of tools to give DIYers as much environmental knowledge as possible. Should your jurisdiction require verification, there are a couple primary pieces of equipment you’ll want to look into.

One of the easiest methods of verification is an Image Sensor.

Image Sensors are available for Qolsys, 2GIG, GC3, Simon, Concord 4, DSC Touch, Impassa, and Powerseries Neo.

The Image Sensor is a PIR Motion Detector with a built in still image camera which takes snapshots of motion events during alarms. You can set these images to be automatically forwarded to your mobile device when captured.

Image Sensor service is included with Gold Interactive. You can find included features of service plans here.

Another good option is Cloud Video services, likewise providing visual verification of an intrusion, video cameras can be set to record on motion, record on alarm, record on sensor activity, etc., and clips can be sent automatically to your smartphone.

Cloud video is an add-on which can be added to Gold or Basic Interactive.