How can I increase length of time the doorbell camera clips are?

Doorbell recordings are too short when motion is detected. How can I make these longer?

Video Analytics clips are fixed and are always approximately 30 seconds long. This cannot be adjusted.

Using the Set Minimum Delay Between Clips dropdown menu while configuring the video analytics rule for the doorbell, this setting determines how long the camera must wait after beginning a clip to trigger another recording.

The video analytics clips are about 30 seconds, so the minimum delay should start a clip right after the first.

Where would I find that menu?

You can find the video rules after logging into the website and navigating to Video > Recording Rules. Edit the people detection rule for the doorbell.

I’m only able to get on the mobile site right now. When I go to that page on the safari browser it asks me to use the app, but the app menus are different. Where can I find it in the app?

I was able to find it. Thanks!

I was able to find it. Thanks!

Thanks for following up and confirming. For other readers you can find steps to configure rules in the website and in the app in the guide here: