Honeywell L7000 or 2GIG GC2?

I am in the process of breaking up with Vivint and I have been frantically trying to find a replacement system. I wanted to know if there were any thoughts on going with the Honeywell system vs the 2gig system.

I am not super huge into home automation. The one thing we’ll have are a few interior cameras and z wave door lock with pin code.

You will want to decide which back end service you are interested in using. The Honeywell is not an compatible panel (could not be used with suretyDIY service for example).

If your current alarm panel is a 2GIG-Go!Control panel, you would be able to use it with a different service.

Jason, My current panel is the Vivint sky panel, but I am leaning towards the 2gig because of price and because the left over sensors from the vivint system should work since they are 2gig.

I just wasnt sure what the popular opinion was regarding the honeywell system vs 2gig. I assumed i’ve been using ADC backed with vivint so why change?

The Sky does not use that I am aware.

But yes, the same sensors would be compatible.

Is one system better than the other? By better I am thinking in terms of hardware compatibility, programming experience, UI etc. Or with the AIO systems, does it really just come down to who does the back end monitoring?

If you go Honeywell just be aware it is not DIYer friendly, and be prepared to get into another Vivint like setup. Dealer contracts… programming/installer lockout… etc. I think the Honeywell also uses total connect.

What it would boil down to is essentially the back-end, yes. The two are compatible with ostensibly the same sensors. I want to say 2GIG has a bit more Z-wave compatibility. The L7000 has an optional internal wifi module I think as opposed to an external wifi bridge for 2GIG. Honeywell limits you to pretty much just using Total Connect I believe. With 2GIG there are back-end options. I’d vote of course :slight_smile: