Hidden door sensors

I purchased a home that I am moving into soon that has vivint. I’m installing a new panel and cell module so all is good. Yesterday I did another walk through on the house and when I opened the 3 doors (2 outside doors and one leading into the garage) I got voice notifications from the panel. The problem is that I only saw one plunger sensor on the front door. I didn’t see any door sensors on the other two. I did see in the back door, door frame what appeared to be a hole plugged with wood. My question is where are these other sensors and how can I replace the batteries in them?

Well, evidently you may want to look harder. Either they are recessed, or external contacts, or plunger type

Once you locate them, then you can determine battery replacement

For the most part, Vivint uses 2GIG DW20 or DW10




Thanks Rive for the quick reply.

So they will either have a plunger installed in the door frame or have an external but small box on the door and another on the frame, correct? Can you give me an example of a recessed one so I will know what to look for?


Now if the sensors were wired takeovers, you may see other contacts.

Thanks Rive! I’ll look more closely when I move in.