Help with Unlocking Security Panel


I have a vivint system that is not being monitored at this time and we just use the wifi portion to lock doors and such. Would I need to unlock panel to add other devices? Currently there is a Novatel HS3001 module tht is locked out, what could I replace with?


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In order to assist you better, what is the make and model # of the panel you are currently utilizing? Is it a Go!Control panel or is it a Sky Panel?

Please note, if it is the Sky Panel, it would not be compatible with and therefore, could not be utilized through suretyDIY.

This unit was installed in 2016. Where would i locate model number

You can find model stickers on the inside of the panel, however it would be easy to tell by just looking at the panel. The two panels have a distinct shape.

Does your panel look 100% identical to this panel? If so it is a Go!Control.