Help with Notifications

A notification text came through saying the alarm had gone off, but it said it had gone off at 725am, which was over 20 minutes later than when it actually did. I am concerned this was caused by the central station switch.

Happy to help!

I’ve looked into your account history and see that the notification text you are referring to is an notification.

Note that notifications are generated by, not the central monitoring station (AvantGuard).

For clarity the process is as follows:

Your alarm panel is armed. A sensor is tripped generating a local alarm. The alarm signal is sent to triggers notifications and rules, and forwards this alarm signal immediately to the central station.

Now, digging into the history, I see where the issue is in this case. No alarm notification was actually sent here.

There are alarm notification rules on this account, however they are only set up for one sensor (not the one that was tripped).

The notification you received was actually a Tamper notification. Tamper means that the sensor was removed from its mounting plate or its cover was removed, depending on the sensor.

To update notifications, please login to and select Notifications from the left hand navigation tree.

There you can select one of the pre-existing Alarm notifications to edit, or you can click New Notification and select Alarm. Make sure to select all of the sensors you wish to generate an alarm notification if they are tripped, and select the appropriate notification recipients at the bottom.