Help with GE Lighting Module...

I added two GE #45603 Light and Appliance Modules to my 2GIG System the other day and seem to be in need of some assistance in programming it correctly. I currently have a separate rule set up for each in that they are set to come on 15 minutes prior to sunset and is set to go off at 1:30am. The problem is the light comes on when scheduled but does not go off until I manually send a command.

Has anyone else had similar issues? Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated…

This is a known issue with emPower rules that is currently being worked on. The problem occurs sometimes when you have a rule based on sunset/sunrise coupled with another rule based on time. The work around, for now, is to create two rules for each light, one that turns on the light based on sunset and another that turns the light off based on time. Sorry for the inconvenience, a lot of customers are dealing with this and they’re hoping to get it fixed ASAP. The work around works pretty solid though.

Best Regards,

Thanks again Ryan for your help. Will give this a try.