Help with camera location

Looking to put an outdoor camera up. I’d like to put it in a place to capture anyone coming into the yard up to a window or front door or driveway since my truck stays in the driveway. Would the area circles in red be the best location for it?

I have an ADC-520IR, should I move it outside with some stick tape to see what the view is like? Could the 520IR spend a few days outside if it’s not going to rain so I can get a good location on where to put the outdoor one? Looking to get the ADC-v720

I can’t tell how deep the front door is set back from the front of the garage, but for what you are looking to capture, yes, probably the best spot. (We’ve removed the image)

I would not recommend bringing out a 520IR. It shouldn’t be left outside for any extended length of time, and the viewing angle on a v720 is a fair bit larger, so it won’t be terribly accurate as far as what you would be able to see.