Help w/ New Home Security System

I’m new here, so go easy on me!

I’m looking to install a brand new security system. Three access doors are pre-wired. Four windows are not. I want to be able to use the existing door sensors the builder installed in place (hardwired) with new wireless sensors at the 4 windows. I also would need a wired motion sensor and a wireless one. I dont know if the fire/smoke detectors are wired and could be added to the system.

I need an idea for the setup. I am handy and could probably install it easily, but I need help with spec the equipment. Automation would be great, but I could live without it if it gets crazy expensive. Also, no landline, so a cel system would be needed.

I could REALLY use anyone’s help with this. The wife is ready to open my wallet to an alarm company if I don’t take care of this ASAP. I refuse to pay a ridiculous amount of money for something I could do one Saturday afternoon.

Thanks for the help!

We specialize in 2GIG or Qolsys systems. The lowest cost option from us would be something like:

The 2GIG-DW10-345 or the RE201 can be connected to the wired sensor wires at the other end from the sensor to convert them to wireless. The RE201 can handle 2 wired sensor inputs and the 2GIG-DW10-345 can handle 1.

Why do you need a wired motion detector?

Do you have wires run for a keypad as well or just for the door sensors?

Thanks Ryan!

I like the Qolsys IQ panel, but wasn’t sure I could use the wired door sensors with it. Can I? Do I connect the wires to a different system that converts the signal to a wireless one? If so, what is that piece of equipment?

The wired motion sensor is just because the wires are coming out of the wall. Nothing special about that. I could go with 2 wireless motion sensors and be happy with that too.

I have two spots for the keypad panels (Master Bedroom and garage entry door). I guess I don’t need either if I go with the Qolsys panel, right?

I really appreciate the help. The more I read about this, the more I want to do it myself.

There are “takeover modules” or “wired sensor translators” that convert wired security sensors to wireless.



Also, Resolution Products makes wired sensor to wireless translators for Honeywell/2GIG (RE208) and GE/Qolsys (RE108).

The difficulty with the 2GIG-TAKE-345 is that it requires a separate backup battery and control panel (to charge the battery) so it’s really intended for situations where you’re taking over an existing control panel that already have that. Since you only have 3 or 4 wired sensors I was suggesting a couple RE201’s which don’t require a separate battery backup.

The Qolsys wired translator is a bit nicer and has the battery charger included but still requires a separate 12V brick backup battery.

The Resolution Products wired to wireless translators are convenient because they just use AA batteries for backup. Their down side is that they require 4.7kΩ end-of-line (EOL) resistors. That would only be a problem for you if your builder installed EOL resistors of a different value. Odds are they didn’t install them at all so you could install your own.

I have two spots for the keypad panels (Master Bedroom and garage entry door). I guess I don’t need either if I go with the Qolsys panel, right?

You don’t need them but depending on their length and gauge you may be able to use them to power the Qolsys control panel if you wanted to mount it on the wall. You would just need to make sure they’re not too long and not too skinny.

So I decided on the Qolsys system, with all wireless sensors. I have the majority of the sensors installed, but when I went to power the IQ panel, noticd there was no cord. The wall plug was included, but no cord to connect the plug to the panel.

I got the Security Kit with the panel, four W/D sensors, motion snsor and doorbell. Do I need to make a run to HD tomorrow for a cord? If so, what am I getting? The plan is to get the stand from your store and place the panel on a table next to an outlet.

Once I have everything set up, how do I sign up for your monitoring services?

Thanks for the help!

Where did you get the Qolsys kit? We include a power wire with the panels we sell for convenience but the manufacturer only includes one if you get the QS-9000-STAND table top stand. If you’re wall mounting they wouldn’t know how long a wire you need. Get 18/2 wire. I prefer solid if it’s going in the wall, stranded if it’s going to be out and moving around.

I just noticed you said you’re getting a back-stand so that would come with a power wire.

I found an existing spot I can place the panel on the wall. It’s a prewire the builder set in the wall. However, all I have is 22 wire to work with. The run will be about 35ft to the main panel box where I can connect to the transformer and provide power. Would that be enough? I’m not sure how to check/confirm this. If not, I’ll get the stand.

Also, I need to get (2) DW Mini sensors, but the mini sensors in the store are different than what I already installed. Do you carry the Qolsys product QS1115-840?

I don’t currently know what is the max power the Qolsys panel can draw, which would be needed to answer that question. The installation manual says “To ensure proper power at the panel, 18AWG wire, no longer than 25 feet, should be used between the Panel and the Power Supply.” which is probably a very conservative limit but without all the information I recommend sticking with 18AWG or using the desktop stand.

We don’t currently carry the QS1115-840. Where is you get the “Security Kit with the panel, four W/D sensors, motion snsor and doorbell”? Can you get QS1115-840’s from them?

In experience, 35ft over 22AWG will almost certainly cause problems on a Qolsys panel. Are there four conductors on the 22 cable? If so, you might try two for positive and two for negative. This might avoid too much voltage drop, but unfortunately the Qolsys power supply and panel were not designed with longer cabling runs in mind.

You can always use the 22 cable as a pull rope for a thicker wire gauge.

Here’s what I can see running the voltage drop math. Using the 0.68A max (off the back of a Qolsys power supply), 18AWG wire, and 25 feet (per Qolsys limits), the voltage drop is 1.83% or 0.22V (11.78V to panel). Let’s use this as the limit.

With 35 feet of 22AWG you are at 6.42% (11.23V, not good). Two 22AWG wires in parallel gives you 3.17% drop (not acceptable).

For a 35 foot run, you need 16AWG wire minimum for 1.58% loss (11.81V to panel).

This is one sensitive panel and it seems to really want 12V.

There are always small variations, but yes, in general the power supply production is very close to the necessary minimum for panel functionality. More info is available here.

The base requirement for functionality is 11.6 VDC. About a 3-4% window from the power supply production.

Hey, did the guy Gt2303A say where he got the kit? And how much he paid?