Help - Times are all wacky after power failure

We had a power outage for about an hour this morning.

All my rules are activating like it is night time and its daytime.

This is affecting rules so far and not schedules as its not dark yet

For examples I have my hall lights activate by motion sensor at night. They are activating right now and its the middle of the day

What time this morning did the outage first start?

It looks like almost all rules you have are using “After Sunset” parameter. Are these the ones activating? Are all of them as far as you can tell?

I’m wondering if the power outage happened around the time the rules would have otherwise turned off. Was the system rebooted at all? Or did it simply run on battery until power came back?

It occurred way after sunrise. Around 11 AM or so.

I rebooted and it seems to be working now

Ah, alright. During battery operation, certain power saving features are activated. We’ll check and see if this is a known side effect or a fluke.

crap…its not fixed… lights still activate even though its daytime

We’ve shot over some commands, the power loss very well may have thrown things off, though I haven’t been able to confirm how yet. Can you check and verify whether the rules function properly, become active after sunset, then halt at sunrise?

You had only mentioned the one example, just to clarify, is it all rules that were using the sunset parameter which were affected? Or just one, two?

looks like it works now.

It affected all rules tied to sunset

This has resolved itself.


This issue is happening again.

Lights turning on during the daytime even though rules are in place to the contrary

Also having the alert problems as outlined in the 2Gig section thread

We have had no power outages

I am guessing you sent through some commands as I am home and the system said “system disarmed” without me doing anything.

The problem seems to be resolved now (the other other issue on the other thread is still outstanding)

I am guessing you sent through some commands

Yes a hard reset was sent. <a href=" target="_blank">See here.

spoke too soon, the problem just reoccurred

Hmm, seems like we’ve seen this twice now in relation to power loss of some kind, this time a power cycle.

We will attempt to recreate. May be an issue with how the parameter is applied at the panel

You sent a command last time that stopped all of this. Can you do it again? I am home tonday and its a bit annoying that every where I walk that lights are coming on during the day

Yes, we will have resend.

How did you power cycle your panel earlier today? Did you unplug transformer and battery?

Its all fixed now. But we should still pursue this to get to the root cause and resolve. Just like the other issue where my Alarm amnnounces arming intelligently at 2:45 AM on the older thread.

I power cycled at the panel. I did not unplug the unit. I went to the configuration menu and saved and it cycled

Did you notice the rules triggering prior to that power cycle? Or just after?

I am not certain. I noticed about the same time when I posted the first post. But before then, I am not sure what reset commands or at what time you may have sent things in

Do you happen to notice the clock being off at all on the 2GIG Panel when this happens?

clock is OK