Heat/Cold Setpoints

  1. Can we get more than 4 setpoints?
  2. There is a setpoint icon for home, away, sleep and a wrench…what is the wrench icon for?


Are you referring to the Schedule Edit page? You can choose between 2 or 4 temp settings per day for each daily schedule. You cannot add extra changes to the schedule at this time.

Regarding the wrench Icon, where are you seeing this? Is it on the Alarm.com webiste? Are you looking at the App? Are you seeing it on the same page as the schedules? (I’m not seeing the wrench there.) Would you mind posting a quick screenshot?

The only wrench icon I can think of off the top of my head is in the menus of the Alarm.com website is under settings, but unrelated to your thermostat schedule.

Here is a pic of the app

Aha, I see, in that spot in the app that just refers to a Custom setpoint in the schedule, which can be different than the three general setpoints of Home, Away, and Sleep. You can tap the wrench and then set the desired temp level for that schedule period on its own.