HD 100 Camera Install

I bought a 2gig HD100 Camera to install on my alarm.com system. I performed a hard reset and did a power cycle, but when I select the camera on Alarm.com to add it, it starts configuring but then the setup wizard fails with a screen that pops up saying: Problem details: Failed to configure camera parameters. Help Please!

Not sure if installation ID will help, but it is 265355405.

How many times have you tried doing this? I’ve run into this problem before (but not in a very long time and not with the 2gig cameras). After about 2 or 3 tries it was able to configure properly.

You can also try using a different ethernet cable when trying to configure the camera. Something may be off with the cable causing it to break the connection with the ADC servers during the configuration process.

Also, is this a new or used camera?

Note: Each time the configuration fails, you will need to factory default the camera.

I believe it is a used camera, but I have probably tried it about 50 times… and with different cables, even through different routers.

I spoke with both 2GIG and Alarm.com but wasn’t able to get much useful information out of either. Here’s some documentation on the camera that may be of use to you.

Part of the issue with getting support on this is that the camera is used and there’s no way of know if it was damaged prior to your getting it.

hd100cam_ii_online-new.pdf (190 KB)