Have to press green "Press to Arm" button twice

I’ve had this issue on my Qolsys panel lately where I have to press the green “Press to Arm” button twice on the home screen to get to the arming screen. I haven’t been able to attribute it to occurring after certain events. It happens about 50% of the time. Any ideas on what the issue could be? I’m running version 1.62 of the firmware.

Well the first thing that I would consider is that the IQ panel uses a resistive touchscreen. This means that pressure must be applied to the button areas. Too light of a touch may not register.

Secondly, do you hear or see any indication of a button press on the first press? Does the panel act as though it was pressed but does not advance?

I do hear an indication that the first button press was detected. The “Select arm system type” sound is played back. It doesn’t advance to the arming screen and stays on the home screen

Interesting, we will send this to Qolsys. I’ve not seen that behavior.

First thing: have you tried just rebooting the panel?

Well it is a long shot but there is a firmware update now available for 1.6.3. See instruction from Qolsys below:

1- Touch “Settings”
2- Enter a valid installer code (default is 1111)
3- Touch “Installation”
4- Touch “Upgrade Software”
5 -Touch “Patch Tag” and enter the patch systest163 then touch Done, then OK
6- Touch “Upgrade Using Network” (panel must be connected to Wi-Fi) Update will download and install
7- Once complete touch “OK” to reboot the panel. DO NOT TOUCH THE SCREEN ON THE IQ PANEL OR IQ2(s). The update process
will take approximately 5 minutes. After the panel reboots the home screen will appear and the buttons will turn green. If IQ2‘s are paired
with the panel they will automatically update within 10 minutes of the IQ Panel update. DO NOT TOUCH THE IQ2(s) DURING THIS TIME. Do not power down or use the panel during this time.

I have tried rebooting to no avail.

I think the issues started after 1.6.2 but I’m not too sure. I may have tolerated it before but it just started getting annoying

I’ll pull the upgrade and let you know what happens.