Hardwire 16 shows tamper on panel


We had a power outage and afterwords the panel shows that the Hardwire 16-S is tampered. I found a support topic that said to power down H16, remove battery and tamper with a jumper, then reconnect battery and power. This cleared the tampered state but when an removed the jumper, it reappeared. I never had to have the jumper there before. Is there any reason why this would appear and only be solved if the jumper is there?


You should have the jumper installed.

Some people might use a tamper switch on the housing if one exists on their old panel, but if not, you should install a jumper to close the circuit.

Okay, thanks Jason but what are the role of the tamper terminals?

You can use the tamper terminals to add a tamper switch, to monitor physical access to the case where the translator is housed. Commonly this is not used, in which case a jumper can be used to close that circuit.