Hardwire 16 questions

First question: I am setting up an IQ hardwire 16, and the hardwire 16 translator itself has gone into a tampered state on the IQ panel and I’m not sure how to clear it. I can clear it by deleting the hardwire 16 from the panel and re-registering, but in case this happens again, what’s the proper way to clear this?

Second, I’m wondering if it’s possible to learn which zone in the hardwire 16 a sensor is hooked up to when it registers with the IQ panel?


Do you have anything wired into the two tamper terminals on the hardwire 16?

When the hardwire 16 learns a zone during eol learn mode, the light indicator for that physical terminal pair will turn on solid.

Thanks. Just watching the lights seems good enough to figure out which zone was learned in.

I ended up resetting the hardwire 16 and all problems are solved now. It seems like maybe the unit was previously programmed or was pre-programmed with some other sensors (probably with different resistors) which was causing the tamper on my individual zones. After reset it seems happy with my sensors.

Re: the tamper on the hardwire 16 itself, I did not have anything hooked up to the tamper terminal. It just somehow got stuck in tamper state, but hasn’t come back since I reset the board.

So… seems good now :slight_smile:

That’s likely. A portion are tested during manufacturing. Mine that I am currently using had some zones previously learned in and needed to be reset.