Hardwire 16 low battery alerts

Last night, we observed a low battery alert for one of our Hardwire 16 units. We have two of these units, and the alert initially showed up only in the panel system check results, not on the alarm.com app. After unplugging the AC adapter and disconnecting the backup batteries, then reconnecting them, both units now display a low battery alert. This alert is now visible both in the panel system check and on the alarm.com app. We last replaced the backup batteries (UB1280) in August 2020, which was three years ago. Should we consider replacing these batteries again, or could there be another underlying issue?

I only see an unresolved low battery on one of the hardwire 16s. Do you still see low battery on both locally at the panel?

Are these two separate batteries?

It is possible one is actually low depending on usage and battery health. 3 years is on the short side for one of those batteries, but possible if it was already old stock when sold or if it experienced heavy use.

Yes, there are two batteries, one for each unit. I tightened the connections to each of them. The low battery alert is gone for one of them. Another still shows low battery. Maybe this one is out of life cycle.

What is the recommended AH for the battery? Which brand would you recommend? Would Lithium LiFePO4 battery last much longer compared with Lead Acid ones?

The Hardwire 16F is expecting a 12VDC 5AH lead acid battery.

They actually call out 12VDC 5AH “Max” in the quick guide, so there may be an issue with maintaining the charge with the HW16 charging circuit on bigger batteries.