Hard-wired windows/doors to GoControl

I currently have 3 or 4 “zones” in my current, hard-wired system. (each “zone” may have 10 windows/doors). I am wanting the 2Gig GoControl system and am interested in the most cost effective way to add my hard-wired windows and doors.

To clarify: For example, all of the windows and two doors of my living room, dining room and kitchen are all wired into a single “zone”. All the wires from each window/door go to the alarm box, but are wired together before a single wire is attached to the connection port of the alarm.


Super switch takeover module.

Each super switch takeover module gets you 8 wired zones. Since you said all your sensors are home run instead of in a loop around the room, I would recommend wiring them to the super switch as individual sensors so your 2GIG system can tell them apart individually, instead of wiring them into a series loop like you have now. From home awareness and automation standpoint there’s a lot of value in having them separated as individual sensors. The cheapest way would be leaving it wired as it is now and just using 1 super switch though.

Thanks, Ryan. I’ll start with one Super Switch and a few later.