GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4

I would like to add a GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 to my 2Gig GC3. I saw a post where someone said it was not compatible with Alarm.com. True?

It works, I’ve installed two in one home. It works just fine in the app, but status is not viewable/controllable from the GC3 panel.

The GD00Z will work through Alarm.com and show up as a garage device, however the GC3 views it as an unknown device type. See this post for more details.

Thank you. I like the GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 because it does geolocation services stuff. I will use this feature if it is reliable. Is there another garage door opener that works wilth ADC, the GC3, and does geolocation stuff?


Also would like zwave plus if it is available.

The linear opener is Zwave Plus. How do you do the geolocations services with it?

Through ADC. shouldn’t be an issue with the GD00Z-4 but would love one that is compatible all the way around if possible.

This is the unit 2GIG shows off in training, so I think you’re most likely to see functionality from the display in future firmware if any are going to get that integration.

The linear device is the only compatible Z-wave Garage opener with ADC currently. It will no doubt have full GC3 local support in firmware updates.

Another Garage option is a MyQ solution. This would be a back-end integration and is not a Z-wave device.

Thank you very much.

Not sure it is z-Wave plus. Doesn’t have the z-wave plus logo.

Maybe not. I know they told me it was at training in Chicago earlier this year.