Go Panel purchase question

I was looking to buy a Go Panel for a new system from an Ebay seller. It has the Protection one logo on the panel. This is the information that comes up on the screen. If I purchase a GSM and service from Surety for this panel, will this panel work? thanks

Firmware version: 1.10.1
Build version: 10564
Radio modem: 6128
Z-wave version: 2GIG-b 3.42
IOP version: 714.2010

Radio modem means nothing. All that matters is that it has Q91 set to “1”

You will have to have Q43 reset to 0, firmware looks good though for either a 3G CDMA or HSPA cell module. For fully unlocking/optimizing the panel see: http://www.2gigforum.com/threads/3-How-To-takeover-a-2GIG-vivint-panel-(or-any-locked-panel)-or-switch-monitoring

Optimizing and enabling panel:

It will probably work but we only guarantee the panels that come directly from us. If you get one on eBay and it doesn’t work then you would have to return it to the seller.

Thank you Ryan, I wouldn’t expect that Surety would warranty a panel I purchased elsewhere, I just wanted to make sure there was nothing glaring in the software that would cause me issues…thanks again