Go control 3

Just wondering when the new panel will be up for purchase?? , I already know the press releases have already come out

Also could I transfer my current sensor list info over to the new panel without having to reprogram everything?

We expect the GC3 to be available for purchase within the next few weeks.

It is unlikely that programming from a Go!Control would be able to transfer to the GC3. However, we cannot say for certain as to whether that capability would be available at some point.

Any estimate on pricing for the GC3?

Pre orders for other dealers is around $300 or so (without cell module). Base price seems to be approx. $100 more than the GC2.

Can I pre order the go control 3 panel?

Surety doesn’t do preorders. They were already asked that question, and the below was the response (1/29/16):

Sss: https://suretyhome.com/forums/topic/to-anyone-considering-the-iq-and-iq2/#post-44964

We are not planning pre-orders.

Expected availability on the panel however is within the next few weeks.

We are excited as well, and should have units available within the next few weeks.

Any estimate on pricing for the GC3?

looks like it is retailing for $398 with Verizon module.