GlassBreak Sensor with TakeOver Module

I have 2 IntelliSense FG-1025 glass break (GB) sensors connected to my TakeOver Module (SuperSwitch). My problem is that both GBs activate (blinking green light) when window is tapped with a screwdriver, but do not trigger an alarm. In test mode, they fail. The GBs have 4 wires, Red, Black, Green and White. Red is connected to Aux Power on the existing panel and V+ in the GB. Black is connected to GND and V-. (I think these connections are necessary for GB to activate.) Green is connected to terminal block 7 in the SuperSwitch and NC in the GB. Not sure what to do with white wire. It is connected to C in the GB. FG-1025 Manual indicates polarity doesn’t matter for Green/White wires, but does not tell you what to connect to.
The other 7 sensors operate normally and pass the test mode. So I don’t believe the SuperSwitch nor my understanding of its setup is at fault. I have programmed the GBs as Type=Perimeter, Equipment=0873 (Take 345). I have tried all 3 loops and different chimes. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

FG1025Manual.pdf (79.7 KB)

Glass break sensors, unlike shock sensors, will not trigger an alarm simply based on something hitting the window. The combined flex of the hit and shatter of the glass is the audible cue which sets off the alarm.

Check in the manual you attached. The testing method they show requires striking the glass to produce a flex sound cue which initiates the shatter sound simulation of a second testing device (the FG-701). These combined sounds are what sets off the alarm.

The glass break sensors you have employ this to provide false alarm prevention. In some cheaper glass break sensors, there is little distinction between sounds and a myriad of sources can set them off.

As for the white wire you referred to, it should either be connected to ground on the takeover module, or left on a common/ground terminal of your old alarm panel.

Thanks Jason. I’ll connect the wire as suggested and let you know. If I understood correctly, I cannot successfully perform a test of these sensors with my 2GIG system in test mode unless I break the glass or buy the FG-701.
BTW I found out that the NC terminal in the GB means “Normally Closed” and NO terminal indicates normally open. It appears you can configure it either way depending on your panel requirements.

It’s been my experience that glass break detectors will not trigger during a walk test. The best way to test them is to actually arm the system and try and set off an alarm with them.

Also, you don’t need to actually break the glass to trigger the sensor. Sometimes putting change in a glass jar and shaking it vigorously can work.

Another trick for triggering glass break sensors is to shake your set of keys next to the sensor and maybe even clapping your hands simultaneously. That simulates the thud of the initial hit and the shatter of the glass. The super switch takeover module would require that you wire the glass break as normally closed (NC). Pretty much any alarm panel will expect normally closed intrusion sensors and normally open life fire/gas sensors.

I connected the white wire to ground today. The warning message on the console went away. It warned me that the GB sensor was open, like a window or door. Now its gone. (Thanks Jason). I tried test mode again and tapped in the closest window with a screwdriver, about 8 feet away from the GB. Once I got a response on the console. I will try the glass jar and key shake tomorrow. Thanks!