Glass Breaks not armed on Stay

Our sensors are sensitive to our 2 boxers we have in the house. Which I would assume have a bellowing screech glass like bark, as our glass break sensors always go off. Therefore, we are unable to set are alarm on away during the day due to this. My question is, would there be a way to set the alarm on stay mode and not have the glass break sensors activate? At night we do turn on our alarm with sensors and our dogs don’t make any ruckus either. So, all is well.

Any clue on how I might be able to handle this? My only option I can think of is to replace them with the door & window sensors.

Alarm panel: GO!Control Touchscreen Panel

You can absolutely do that (I recommend it in fact for most glass break sensors.)

In programming, change the sensor zone type from Perimeter (3) to Interior Follower (4). Glass Breaks will then not cause alarms during stay mode or exit/entry delay countdowns.