Ghost Notices on iOS When Doorbell Rung

Hello. I have a 2gig system with a 2gig doorbell and a connected kwikset z-wave deadbolt. Currently, when the doorbell is rung, it makes a tone at the 2gig system and 3 TS-1 panels and sends a push notification to my iPhone. The deadbolt is set up so that when you unlock the door it disarms the system. There were 2 people whose codes, when used, would also send a push notification to my iPhone that the door was unlocked (I don’t want Mom being able to drop in unannounced).

Everything worked fine for ~6 months. However, in the past month or so, whenever the doorbell is rung, I get the notification of the doorbell ring, along with a notification that Mom unlocked the deadbolt. However, this unlock notification always seems to be from a few weeks prior (i.e. the notifications don’t say that the doorbell was just rung, and the deadbolt was just unlocked; it’ll say the doorbell rung and the lock was unlocked 2 weeks ago). I deleted Mom from the address book and revoked her unlocking privileges (sorry, Mom). However, these ghost notifications continue. Now, it seems that I get multiple ghost unlock notifications whenever the doorbell is rung, even though she’s no longer in the system. I’ve also already tried resetting the system, to no avail.

A few observations: these unlock notifications do not show up in the history and the notifications have always only been for Mom, and not the other person whose code sends a notification.

I’d appreciate any help on figuring this problem out.

I should add that this appears to be an notification issue, and not a 2gig system issue.

Are you getting these ghost notifications both on your phone as push notifications and as email notifications? Or is the problem just with the phone push notifications?

I am just receiving the ghost notices as iOS push notifications (although I am also set up to receive e-mail notifications).

One thing that I noticed by chance when looking at my iPhone notification center is that these door unlock notifications were listed under the section. I cleared out the notifications in the notification center, so maybe that resolved it (I’m at work and can’t ring my doorbell). If this is the case, it’s a bug in the app. For instance, when I get a new text message, the iPhone doesn’t also again show on my home screen all of my other previously received but unread messages. And the only ghost notices I seem to get are the deadbolt being unlocked by Mom.

I’m not aware of a bug in the app regarding push notifications but I’ll document what you’re experiencing to help resolve it if there is. In the event history it looks like the push notifications from your screenshot were sent at the correct times so the problem would have to be on the phone end, not the back end. Let us know if

  1. You have a push notification that’s supposed to go through but you don’t receive it.

  2. You see a ghost notification again now that you’ve cleared out notifications in the notification center.

Sorry, this is a tough one to figure out.

Thanks for the help. I’ll continue documenting. The issue doesn’t affect usability, so it’s not a terrible issue.

I’ve really enjoyed how helpful and friendly Suretycam is as well as the ease of use of 2gig/ Thanks again.

Thank you! We’re happy to help.

Okay, so I did a little testing last night and this morning. It appears that, for whatever reason, the iOS app is displaying old, unacknowledged push notifications whenever the doorbell is rung. This behavior is unique to the app. Messages or Mail, for instance, do not re-display old messages when you receive a new message.

It appears the problem is resolved by, at least, clearing the notifications in the Notification Center.