Getting a RE116-U to work with my Panel

I purchased a RE116-U and have added it to my 2GIG Go!Control Panel, but it is not working when I set off the alarm to test. Any advice on troubleshooting it would be much appreciated.

Have you checked Q78 to make sure the open collector output has been set to activate on any alarm?

Hello Amanda -

I did not actually check. Since I purchased all the sensors and siren from SC, would this have been set automatically?



There are a plethora of options for the Q, and how you should want to use it should dictate the programming you select, so unfortunately there is not a one size fits all selection for Q78.

It does appear the setting here is why you were not getting the desired result. I have remotely reset your Q78 to “(8) activated on any alarm”, so it should work now. Though I’d advise taking a look at the question in case there is another scenario which you might prefer to use the siren.

I have a new system with Resolution Siren using the Bell connectors on the 2Gig Panel, once I connect it the siren goes off. I am using connectors 5 and 6. Could you assist?

The graph to the lower right on this page show how you should be connected to a 2GIG panel -

Do you have it set up differently? What is your Q78 current set at?

After wasting a great hour on the chat with Jim and Holly, I guess I am back to the forum.

I have to admit installation support with SuretyCam is questionable for anything serious, I am doubting my decision now for my second system. Unfortunately I am at an installation site now and I have no choice.

Note: Sorry to hear about the frustration. Please read our FAQ on how to get technical support. - Ryan

If anyone out there that can help, this is my situation:

I am connecting the RE116-U to the Bell Connectors 5 and 6, once I do that the siren goes off. The documentation says this is a supported installation, why is the siren going off?

Our customer service representatives on chat are not able to handle technical questions. But we’re happy to assist here.

What is your Q21 set to?

Also you are using the provided resister in parallel, correct? Polarity also matters. If either of those are off, that is your problem.

In other words, you should have Terminal 1 going to bell negative and Terminal 2 going to bell positive. The resister is wired between the two terminals in the control panel. Can you confirm?

I have verified the polarity, 2 is going to Bell+ and 1 is going to Bell-. Q21 is set to (2) now.

I don’t have the resisters, and of course I can’t find them now. Are they needed if I am using the Bell Connectors? Or are they needed for both installation types? If I need them for a successful installation, how can I get replacement?

These are the instructions I followed to install it, using the option on the right (Bell Installation).

I assume Q78 is not needed for this installation, only Q21 correct?

The resistor is a required component. If they have been lost or discarded, new resistors can be purchased at any local electronics store (quickest replacement). You would want to find a 4.7kohm resistor as indicated in the product instructions. Radio Shack will typically have these in stock.

We could send out a replacement, but certainly would not be as fast of a resolution.

Q 78 only applies if using the Open Collector.


Just out of curiosity, and for future reference, is the resistor 4.7k for the 2GIG panel in general (regardless of the type of wired siren used), or is the resistor type dependent on the siren used? e.g., a different siren different resistor?

Also, what is the measured constant unresistored current on the 2GIG bell circuit? And the output when alarm activated?


The resister is for general use as it is a universal siren. If 12V are going through without the resister the siren will sound.

Does it matter which 4.7k, 1/4 or 1/2?

Also, does it matter which side they’re installed inline, on the 2gig or the transmitter side?

It does matter which you use; it needs to the be 4.7kohm.

But it should not matter which side, as long as it is in parallel.

The 4.7K comes in 1/4 watt or 1/2 watt, does it matter which one I use? This is what RadioShack is showing as options.

I’ve not heard of resisters being sold attached to measurements other than ohm and neither has our partner at Resolution Products, but according to them either should work.