Geo-Services Thermostat Override Question

I have my thermostats on a schedule. I have geo-services set to where if my wife’s phone leaves the fence and the system is armed away, it sets it to the same temperature as the schedule does when we are away during the week. Example would be that the system is set to 70 degrees when we are home on the weekend, but if we leave the system will drop it down to 63 degrees like during the weekday when we aren’t home. All well and good.

Is there a way I can have the thermostat override the schedule if she comes home early on a weekday? I don’t see the option or maybe I’m not understanding the returning home settings. The system will be armed away when she enters the fence, but the only option I have is to resume the schedule, which doesn’t turn up the temperature until the set time. This would also be similar to if she called in sick and stayed home during the schedule.

I’d like the temperature to be consistent when her phone is home, but the schedule to work when she’s not. Is there a way to program what I’m wanting to accomplish or does scheduling and geo-services not work well together? There are other people in the house that don’t have geo-services, so relying on one phone to control the thermostats isn’t really an option.

Oh, and no geo-services for Windows phone? Booooo!

Unfortunately for what you want to do you wouldn’t be able to set ot up like that now as you cannot specify a set point to return to.

However, it is a feature that will likely be looked at for implementation.

Until then, the schedule can be set up to assume occupancy, and you can use an away from home override to reduce the setpoint when your system is armed away, or use geoservices to override when devices leave, then return to an assumed occupancy schedule.

Cool. It will work at least on the weekends the way it is now. Always looking forward to improved functionality. Thanks.

I’m sorry to drag up this old topic, but being a holiday and I’m home I noticed it was getting hot in the house. Have they implemented a way to have the geo-services override the thermostat schedule? I know there’s been a lot of changes specifically to the thermostat area of the emPower section of, but I haven’t noticed this option. My geo-services work, and my schedule works, but my schedule seems to take priority.

Today I’m home, system is unarmed, but the schedule ran as normal and turned up air conditioning. I would prefer the schedule to only apply if I’m outside of my geo-services area. I don’t want to just rely on my geo-services to change my thermostat as my children come home from school and I have the schedule set to cool the house 30 minutes before they arrive and they do not have geo-service capable devices.

The schedule takes precedence. I have mine set so that, with the exception of night time, the schedule is set to the home settings and then it goes to the away mode either upon arming the system away or if I leave the geofence.

If you have a schedule set, there is no geofence override exception for “not away.”

Best thing would be if ADC started integrating motion sensor awareness of cooling/heating settings, then you’d be able to override based on physical presence and not just devices.

I would prefer the schedule to only apply if I’m outside of my geo-services area.

Smart Away does not have the same impact if you manually set the away temperature in the schedule. As the above poster suggests, I think you can accomplish what you are looking to do with the opposite logic, run your Home temperature during weekdays, but use Smart Away so that when the system is armed/geo-devices are out of the house, it adjusts the temp.