GE Interlogix 60-807-95R Battery Question

I have what appears to be a GE Interlogix 60-807-95R… Is it possible there is a version of this sensor that uses Lithium Batteries only?

I have other wireless motions that look similar, but they have alkaline batteries on both sides.

This particular sensor appears to only have north and south poles on one of the sides and I read a document online that said lithium battery only and only 1 is needed.

This document clearly states 1 lithium only.

I don’t have the old battery I took out of the sensor - just assumed it was a AA alkaline but any new AA alkaline yields a low battery alert.

It is strange because there is a slot for a battery on both sides, yet only one of the lots has metal contacts for the north and south.

Is it possible I have a sensor with battery slots on both sides, yet only needs a lithium battery on one side?

Thanks a lot for any guidance on this issue

The GE Interlogix 60-807-01-95R specifically calls out using Lithium a single lithium battery but the 60-807-95R appears not to. So if you have the 60-807-95R alkaline should be fine, but if you have the 60-807-01-95R then youll need lithium.

Its likely that the two sensors share the same body/case so the lithium version only needs contacts for one of the battery trays, not both.

Thanks - this explains it. Both sensors look the same to the naked eye as you mentioned.