GC3e random arm voice prompts

Hi, has anyone heard of the GC3e panel randomly voice prompting that it’s ready to arm? It’s happened a few times now and it just happened to my wife this morning. Out of nowhere, it just says ready to arm. I checked history, and there were no sensors that closed at that time. I thought maybe it was a door that wasn’t closed all the way, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Do you know the time that this took place? There may be something on the back end in history that coincides with the voice announcement .

About 9:33am this morning. Thanks!!

That announcement will typically occur after making programming changes or a reset. In this case, this was a small OTA that was requested for the logo to panel update.

Did the logo update?

Ahhh, that makes sense. Yes, the logo has updated, but I wasn’t sure if that happened today or over the last day or so.


Yes, sorry for the delay it was sent today.

Manual logo pushes aren’t done by us directly and instead are performed by someone outside of tech support at Alarm.com. Typically when I make the request, it takes a couple business days for it to be handled, looks like in this case it took a bit longer.

Thanks again…really appreciate the help with that!

Now just need the PIR Inside Follower bug to get squashed and I should be all set! :joy:

Have a great day.