GC3 - ZWave Secondary Controller

I seem to be having some issues with my GC3 and acting as a secondary controller with smart things. I connected my light switch to smart things and confirmed it worked. Added the GC3 panel as a secondary controller to smart things and that completed successfully. Now in the all devices tab in the GC3 I can see the GC3 panel, the smart things hub, and the light switch. If I ‘Configure’ the switch there and toggle it on and off it controls the lights without issue. Great. BUT the lights never show up as an option in emPower on the web interface, or under smart home settings on the GC3 panel, so I am not able to do things like trigger the lights when a door is opened or an alarm event happens. Am I missing something here?


Ryan - I am having the exact same issue with my smartthings & GC3. Can get GC3 added as secondary controller just fine, and the devices come up under the GC3, but cannot control them or see them under Smart Home settings or in my Alarm.com empower. After much research, there are several others who are having similar issues using the GC3 a secondary Z-wave controller / as well as a few other bugs that are supposed to be resolved in the much anticipated firmware update for the GC3 - in which we have all been waiting for almost a year now.

Not all controllers will play nicely together. GC3 has a bit of a disadvantage being the newest of the panels. Secondary controller interaction is not something that 2GIG supports directly, though they will put the ability to do so in the UI (and Z-wave is more or less universal) but little inconsistencies may cause problems.

To give a parallel, the Qolsys IQ Panel was available for over two and a half years if I recall before that ability was added to the panel at all.

However, we do provide user feedback to manufacturers and this has been a commonly requested feature for us. It sounds like general Z-wave improvements should be expected so we are hoping to be able to test with the new firmware as soon as it becomes available.

Unfortunately it seems to work in the panel everywhere except showing the devices from the secondary in the smart home devices. I can even turn the lights on and off from the panel, but only in the installer area. Any word on firmware updates for the GC3? Time line, dates, hopefuls?

We do not have a specific ETA. I am hopeful for very soon though.