GC3 Works, no video on panel

Everything has been working great for 1 year. Set panel to STAY last night. All worked well. This morning, Panel was blank (2 right side physical buttons were illuminated correctly). Turns out everything is working correctly with the exception that the video panel is not displaying, anything. Totally blank. 2 side buttons work. Disarmed using phone app, worked. Touchpanel is working too, but does not display anything. Appears that it may be a hardware issue with the video driver???

The GC3 has been reported to experience a blank screen by some users. See here. This is resolved by a power cycle.

You can unplug the power transformer, then open the panel and unplug the battery. Wait a minute, then plug in the battery, followed by the transformer.

Note that the display issue was addressed I believe in the latest firmware. Please see this page for firmware details and links to downloads. I would suggest updating to the latest version.

Thanks. I will try this tonight. Also, can Central alarm send a “reset” command that would accomplish the same thing? Removing my panel is a bit of a PIA! But, doable.

Yes, we can send a command to reboot. I’ve gone ahead and sent one for you. The system will boot in the same arming state it is currently in.