GC3 Wired Zone Sensitivity

Is there a way to change the “sensitivity” of a wired zone? I was hoping to utilize some existing wired doorbell buttons with the two wired zone inputs on a GC3 panel. It works, but the problem I am experiencing is with the length of the button press. If the button is momentarily pressed for less than a second (counting out loud - one thousand one…), the sensor chime is not triggered. My concern is that not everyone will press and hold the doorbell for that long. The doorbell buttons are not connected to any other doorbell transformer, etc. - only the GC3 panel. Any experiences with this or thoughts on a possible workaround?

Attach a sign “Push and hold”

The contact input trigger cannot be adjusted for wired zones, no. If you find the right off delay timer you might make it work. This page lists some Off Delay Relays.

You can find some inexpensive versions on Amazon.

As long as it triggers a form C contact relay instead of energizing a lead or terminal, it should work.

Thanks Jason. I am going to try one of these.

DEI_528T_PulseTimerRelay.pdf (106 KB)