GC3 release pushed back to Q2 2015?

There is a rumor going around that 2GIG has pushed back the GC3 release from Q4 2014, to Q2 (around April/May) 2015…

Anyone know what’s going on? Why the delay?

I haven’t heard this rumor, but to be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was true. 2GIG has a tendency to push back release dates of products. Actually, I prefer them push back release dates than rush and release a piece of equipment that has a lot of bugs and isn’t secure.

Any news on the new panel release date?

They wont release anything probably until after ISC West, there will be more news about it there

No official word, but “soon”.

Fingers crossed ISC West, in April, coincides with some good news.


Beta testing should begin soon. No official release yet.

If you’re looking for volunteers to beta test the panel count me in!

I believe this Beta is closed to the public, unfortunately. I hope it is quick. I have been eager to get the GC3 for my own house.