Gc3 panel open collector

So I’m trying to get the open collector output to talk with alarm.com’s access control. Overview of what I need:

Magnetic door holders to close the doors when the GC3 panel is in fire alarm state.

I have the magnetic door holder to operate correctly by wiring it to the normally closed side of the relay. That’s easy. However, when I wire the open collector output into the input of the access control and setup input with alarm.com, it doesn’t throw the relay during a fire alarm. It does throws the relay once I disarm the fire alarm.

Any ideas of a different way to wire this up to get it to work?

Would you be able to provide a quick diagram of how you are wiring this? Or the model of the relay you are using?

In general, the way the open collector works is that the collector terminal will short to GND when activated.

What setting have you selected for Q44/45 in programming? (Whichever matches the collector terminal you are using)