GC3 Panel Message

My 2gig GC3 is sending me a message to read on the panel, but my installer code isn’t allowing me to read the message, and it keeps beeping at me. Please help.

Panel messages can be accessed using the master code, the installer code will not provide access.

It looks like this is regarding a new service plan, so that message is likely a welcome message. As an FYI, the login info in the message would not be valid after logging in with emailed credentials, so you can disregard.

Thanks for the info, I solved that problem. Can you help me with a Honeywell 5800 motion sensor on a 2gig GC3? The panel sees it but the detector only triggers when you are very very close to it.

Could you post a quick photo of the sensor where it is mounted? One thing to check on these is that the thicker matte plastic casing is toward the ceiling and the recessed smooth sensing cover is down. If mounted upside down it will severely limit function and range.

Are you using the sensor’s walk test mode or the panel’s walk test mode to test the range?

Ok. Now it’s mounted correctly. I used the sensor’s walking test and all seems good for sensitivity. When I do the walk test from panel it doesn’t work well, I have to wave hand in front of sensor.

When the sensor is in normal working mode and using test mode at the panel, there is a 3 minute delay between activations (battery saving feature)

The way to test an actual scenario is to enter panel test mode, wait 3 minutes outside of view of the motion detector (should be no movement in its field of view) then walk into its range.

Ok, I got one of them to work, the other now says on Alarm.com that the sensor status is unknown.

This is normal for new sensors that have yet to send a status. It looks like the sensors are now reporting a status.