GC3 loss of supervision - how to fix

I had to temporarily move one of my sensors to repair something, so I removed the battery and removed the sensor. I got a loss of supervision for it which was expected.
When I put the sensor back and put the battery back in my panel and ADC gave me tamper signals, but the loss of supervision never went away. I restarted the GC3 and no change. How do you fix this? I do get the tamper signal at the panel and can trigger the sensor test with it, but it’s been 12 hours and still getting LoS.

Well, after I got back, from work the loss of supervision seems to have corrected. Not sure what changed.

Did the LoS only appear in Alarm.com after power cycling the sensor and re-adding it?

It can take a bit for ADC to catch up on LoS sometimes, usually a tamper or sensor activation will resolve. If it doesn’t, we can send commands to update the sensor status as well.

However at this time, I am not seeing any LoS or Malfunction issues from the system.