GC3 2-Way Voice Problem


Accidentally set off the alarm today and when the operating came on with voice to the panel, I could hear her fine, but she couldn’t hear me at all. She repeated asking for my credentials three times before next calling the home land line.

Now the last two times we set it off accidentally my wife says the operator could barely hear her and vice versa. So things have never been great with 2-way voice, but now seems worse.

Is there a anything you can check on your end or have me check on mine?


Is there a anything you can check on your end or have me check on mine?

Certainly, we’re looking into the event, it looks like there was another one a week before the one you are referencing where the false alarm was handled through 2-way.

Is the issue intermittent?

Generally speaking, the first troubleshooting step I would try is a power cycle. Power down the panel by unplugging the transformer, then battery, wait at least a full 2 minutes, then plug in battery followed by the transformer.

You can test 2-Way Voice without the danger of accidental dispatch by calling the central station and placing your account in 2-way voice test mode. Then you can set off alarms and test with operators.

Your signal strength looks fine and consistent. Out of curiosity how far is your panel power cable run?

Thanks, I’ll try the reset.

Panel power cable run is maybe 20 feet using 18 AWG wire (if I remember correctly).