GC2 Z-Wave Automation Schedule

Hi All,

I just switched to Surety from a previous provider, but am using all of the same equipment, rules, schedules, etc. One issue I am having is regarding an automation schedule for some Z-Wave devices.

The rule is to turn on two (2) devices at sunset and turn them off at 2:00am. They always turn on, but they only turn off about 25% of the time. This was not an issue that I had with my previous provider, and is not using any new Z-Wave devices, so I honestly have no idea what could be causing this.

When setting up your Surety account and Alarm.com rules you would be sending a new version of the rule to the panel to be saved in either the panel or module depending on your panel model. (in the GC2, that’s saved in the panel.)

The new instance of the rule may not be stable for whatever reason, that is difficult to say. Often though, just deleting, waiting a few minutes, then recreating the rule will resolve the issue as the old instance is cleared and replaced.

Do you see the same activity after recreating?

Thanks, Jason.

I will re-create and update in a week or so.

This appears to be working correctly after re-creating the rules.

Not sure if this has any impact or not, but I also upgraded the panel firmware from 1.9 to 1.19, so not exactly a “controlled” test.

Glad to hear it is working for you!

Whether it assisted or not, staying up to date on firmware is never a bad idea, and ensures your panel can support the latest features.