GC2 Top Screw

I somehow managed to lose the top screw when setting up my GC2 panel yesterday. Does anyone know the specs for it so I can try to find a replacement?

Been there many times. A phillips oval head machine screw 4-40 x 3/8" SS from the local hardware store will fit. It’s not the exact same screw but it works.

It’s the Go!Control panel. The GC2 panel design was sold to Vivint before it was ever completed or manufactured by 2GIG. The GC3 will be the successor to the original 2GIG Go!Control panel.

Thanks Ryan, 4-40 x 3/8" fit perfectly.

By the way any information on the expected release date for the GC3?

Nothing solid as of now. The release was originally anticipated for end of this year, but that has clearly passed. We will post info as soon as we hear.