GC2 panel brightness

Yesterday I received a low battery alert on a window sensor. While the alert was going off, the panel was dimly lit - I usually have on max brightness. I checked and it was configured for max brightness.

I made a mock change to the system configuration to get the panel to reboot (wasn’t sure how else to reboot) and the brightness came back to full brightness.

Woke up today and now it was dim again. I dropped setting from 12 to 11, and suddenly came back to full brightness with that minor change. Put it back to 12.

Is there some kind of reset I should perform? Anyone else ever see this behavior? Hoping its software since I can coax the panel into getting brighter.

That does sound like it may be related to firmware. I have not heard of that specific issue however. How old is that panel out of curiosity?

Have you tried editing the Backlight Timeout settings under Security - Menu - Toolbox?

Any change in operation?

I bought the panel from SuretyDIY Sept 2014.

Firmware is 1.19.1 from here https://suretyhome.com/forums/topic/where-to-get-gc2-firmware-v1-19-1/

Interesting is that just going to the backlight timeout menu and not changing anything restores the screen to maximum brightness. I’ll keep an eye on it and see what happens, might try unplugging/removing battery just dislike taking it off the wall.

Is there a way to backup panel config & do a factory reset? See if backlight works, then put config back?

Trying to determine if this is a software of hardware issue. Unplugging battery & A/C didn’t change issue. Thanks!

Note that a factory reset will not overwrite the firmware version.

Current settings have been backed up. Should you wish to proceed, note that you will need to power down the panel completely (transformer then battery) and remove the cellular module once powered down.

Then you’ll want to perform the factory reset steps. Once the factory reset has been performed and the panel has powered up completely, you can confirm back light status.

Then, power down the panel again and re-install the cellular module but do not power the panel up again. Let us know the panel is powered down and we can send restoral settings.

Once sent we will confirm. Then, power up with the module installed, and run a cell test to facilitate restoral commands.

If you do not remove the cell module, the backup file will get over written with the panel settings after the factory reset.