Garage Open/Close Email Alerts have inconsistent capitalization

I have encountered something that is very minor here. And I searched on the forums here and didn’t see this getting reported. I enabled email notification for a designated contact email address. I noticed that when I open the garage door, it says this subject in the email notification:

Panda2297’s Home: The Garage was Opened at 9:17 pm

And when I close it, it says this:

Panda2297’s Home: The Garage was closed at 8:59 pm.

As you can see, the “Opened” is capitalized and the “closed” is lowercase. It seems that it’s inconsistent with that capitalization. You should be able to test this out on your system to confirm. I know it’s very minor, just wanted to make the product team aware.

Yep, looks like the closed one is just not capitalized. I’ll forward this along to ADC.