Garage Not Showing On Panel

I recently swapped my panel from IQ2 to IQ2+. I noticed that camera feed card and garage cards were not on there. (both were on IQ2).

For the video, I went in and and disabled the setting in ADC, saved, reenabled the setting, and saved again. The card now shows up.

For the garage, I did not see anyway to disable so I could reenable. Is there any way to push that to the panel on your end? Or remove on your end and I can readd it?

Thanks for the help!

I just sent a couple commands. Can you confirm whether this is resolved?

Still no garage door control on panel. I rebooted panel just now as well and still not there.

The MyQ devices should be visible on the panel. I am guessing the MyQ account may be synced to the Mac address of the panel and it is still using the old Mac. I haven’t seen this specific issue after a panel swap yet.

It may be necessary to remove the garage Gateway and re-add it. Garage rules and notifications would need readjusted. Would you like me to try that now?

Yes, let’s give that a shot. Thanks.

Alright, I have re-added the Gateway. Can you make sure the door is paired to it and then check to see if you have panel access?

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Ok, I was able to re-add the garage gateway in ADC and now it shows up in the panel. Thanks!

Thanks for confirming! Happy to help!