Garage doors opened themselves

At 3:03pm (as shown in the log) both of our garage doors opened seemingly by themselves. Can we tell somehow what triggered them to open?

The only event in your history is a monitor status stating that there was an open event, then a close event about a minute or two later.

When there is only a monitor event that means the action was caused locally (or rather no command was sent through ADC via either web or app) Unfortunately we would not have more detail regarding the event than what the sensor reports in this case.

Did you witness the doors physically open, or are you going by the status? I do see other sensors opening around that time so I am guessing someone was on site. Did you manually close the doors with the wall control?

What model of myq gateway are you using?

Have you sent any commands recently which did not seem to process?

Mystery solved: toddler got a hold of an extra opener. Thanks for the quick response as always.