Garage Door Sensors

I have our garage doors hard wired with sensors. Is it a best practice to have them defined as doors/windows with a LONG entry/exit delay? Also, if they are open when we set the alarm (with auto bypass) will they unbypass when they are closed? Assume if we don’t have auto bypass on, we would not be able to even set the alarm until they are closed? Thanks.

To handle these out of order, no, the zone will not auto-unbypass, even if closed during the exit countdown. If it is bypassed when arming, it will be bypassed until the system is disarmed.

Turning off Auto-Bypass will make the panel protest arming when a zone is open.

Generally, it is recommended to make overhead garage doors notification only sensors (sensor group 25) which do not generate alarms or impact entry/exit.

If using them as alarm generating zones, yes using Long Delay is recommended.

Think I will just set as sensor group 25 at this point. In my previous system (the doors were also not alarmed but had sensors), I had an automation rule that if you tried to arm the system to stay, it would verbally notify you that the garage door was open and cancel the alarm stay request. Not sure I can do something like that with ADC. I do also have them defined with MyQ, but that is not something that is 100% reliable and don’t want the system to actually open the doors just because the status was incorrect. The hardwire sensors are 100% reliable.

If you use sensor group 25 it will not be able to cause panel protest when arming. The zone type purposefully does not interact with arming status.

Instead another option: you can create sensor left open reminders to be sent after the sensor is open for a specified number of minutes, and with MyQ you can then close it.