Garage Door Opener

Has anyone given the “GoControl/Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller” a try on the Qolsys panel. It looks like the Frequency of this device operates at 345 MHz.

Is this in the acceptable range to make this work with the Qolsys panel/ I have searched the forum and am thinking this may just work. Thanks!

Here is a link to the opener.

No and no.

Zwave doesn’t operate at 345mhz (frequency used by Honeywell/2gig), it operates in the USA and Canada at 908.42mhz. The GD00Z is not supported by ADC for automation.

The above poster is correct. The GD00Z is a Z-wave device. does not currently support the GD00Z. It has been requested as an addition to service offerings.

Alright. Thanks for the info. Can we expect to see the GD00Z compatible with Qolsys any time soon?

It likely would not be a priority for the manufacturer until supports it in their software. There is no ETA regarding support, but it has been requested quite often and typically the more often something is requested, the quicker it becomes available.

If you are looking for garage door control, currently the Liftmaster/Chamberlain MyQ equipment is a compatible solution through