Garage door automation

What do I need to purchase to be able to control my garage door remotely. I have 2Gig control panel and monitoring with suretyDIY. I see in the list of products LiftMaster MyQ Control panel , but also Universal Remote controller. Do I need both? And how many sensors per door? I don’t have Gold Interactive, but I have Vera lite hub so I can probably do it thru Vera. I don’t know the model of my door off the top of my head.

The Liftmaster product you would need is entirely dependent upon the model of garage door overhead controller you have. Liftmaster devices do not communicate through Zwave, but directly integrate with’s servers via your internet.

What is the model of overhead controller?

You could use a Zwave opener with Vera, but it would not be supported through

Thanks Jason.
I have Genie Intelicode Chain Glide 1/2 hp model gcg350l. How can I use Vera if Liftmaster doesn’t talk Zwave? Also If I decide to upgrade my subscription to Gold so I can control it through 2GIG panel, what do I have to buy from the hardware from your store online to be able to control one garage door?


This is what you would need regarding Liftmaster products. This Universal Wifi Hub comes with one door sensor. You would need Gold Interactive to use it through

You would not be able to use Vera to communicate with the Liftmaster unit. The Liftmaster Wifi Hub speaks to using internet only and is integrated with your account that way. The Liftmaster Wifi Hub also does not communicate with the 2GIG panel. You use the website or App to control the door.

Thanks Jason.

Not a problem, and if you end up getting the Universal Hub to use through, make sure to follow the paper directions in the box only as far as connecting the Hub to your internet and physically installing it in your garage. All the rest of the steps (registering the serial number, linking it to the door sensor/overhead) should be done through They list the instructions step by step.

Ok. Thanks. Now i have a different topic question. What would be the best way in your opinion to arm and disarm 2gig panel when in- laws come to visit for a week:) do i buy them a key fob an give them to use it while staying in my house? Or, there is a setting to delay tripping the alarm and give then few seconds to walk to the panel and enter the code to disarm it. There is a delay to arm it, but is there a delay to disarm it? Thanks for all your help.

There is a delay when entering through an entry programmed as an exit/entry, as long as you do not choose to arm without an entry delay (for example by checking the “No Entry Delay” button when you arm via your phone app). The length of this delay can be altered in programming, but for entry/exit 1 programming it defaults to 30 seconds and for entry/exit 2 it is 45 seconds. Do they need more time than average to make it to the panel?

You could have them disarm the panel via a code. You can edit the entry delay should they need more than the default (described above). You can create up to 31 user codes to be sent to your panel.

You could give them a keyfob, but I am not a big proponent of multiple keyfobs myself because you need to keep track of them or it isn’t very secure.

You can create secondary logins and they could use the app to disarm the system. You can make it so their login can only do this, and not have access to creating codes, etc.

I see. No, 30 seconds should be enough. Does this apply only when armed away? Because i was testing it while inside: armed stay and opening door , and there was no delay, the alarm sounded instantly.

Entry and Exit delay applies to all sensors programmed as Entry/Exit 1 or Entry/Exit 2 in both Stay and Away mode.

You can remove entry delay by pressing the checkbox next to “No Delay” on the panel while arming, but this box is by default unchecked every time.

Any sensor that is programmed as a Perimeter sensor will set off the alarm immediately whenever the system is armed or in a delay countdown.

Ok. So, i probably did not tell you to program my door sensor as Entry/Exit 1 or 2 when i ordered the system, that is why there is no delay. I do want to be delay so they can walk and enter the code before alarm sounds. Is it fairly simple to change the doir sensor to be designated as entry/ exit 1,2?
Thanks again for your time

If you ordered from us, on your survey you would have selected needed programming options. We program doors as “Entry/Exit 1”, windows as “Perimeter” and Chime only as “Non-Response Type”. I have checked and the sensor in question is programmed as Exit/Entry 1.

This video shows how to program thin/door contacts as doors. Your sensor is obviously already programmed, but the video may assist you in getting comfortable with checking or changing or adding sensors to the programming.

Thank you much

i have basic interactive subscription with surety monitoring. When i go to services -> zwave on my panel it says they are not enabled, contact installer. Ca you tell me why?

Your Q79-Q82 were all disabled in 2GIG System Configuration. You need to enable them to use Z-Wave features. I just enabled them remotely for you so you should be able to use them now.

Thank you Ryan! Can I use this thread for future questions?

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