Front Door Sensor Tamper

My front door alarm keeps going off. Might be a bad sensor. What are my options?

I do see a few alarm signals recently, as well as a long stretch of tamper alerts. Are you referring to the alarms and the tampers were the result of opening the sensor casing, or were they unexpected as well?

What model of sensor is this? It appears to be a DW10-345 from programming.

Make sure that the magnet and sensor have not become misaligned, or pulled to far apart when at rest. The magnetic gap should be no more than 1/2 - 3/4 inch. The magnet should line up parallel to the ridges on the case of the DW10.

Is the sensor or magnet attached to a metal surface?

Does the door have physical wiggle room to shift forward and back when closed?

An environmental issue is typically more common. If you determine this to be a faulty sensor, a replacement can be found here. Programming tutorials for the 2GIG Panel are found here.